First update in a long time…

The band has not been up to much, despite the odd gig now and again – however now that I’ve finished another 3 years of University I’m planning to change that in the future! I have been keeping the site up to date with details of jam sessions going on in Tokyo.

Still based in Tokyo, and running regular sessions at the bars Jam Session (first & third Tuesday of the month) and Somethin’ (first Sunday of the month, and usually some other days also). Feel free to come down and check them out!

Welcome Back

We recently played a gig in Welcome Back, Otsuka. Here’s a shot from their website:

More gigs to come soon!

Physical Copies and Gigs

Unfortunately, despite being offered several gigs, the schedules of the guys in the band are so busy that we can’t make anything this month. After this I’m leaving the country – the music will hopefully continue in Tokyo, Japan.

So the way to enjoy our music remains through our album – please consider buying a copy or spreading the word!

Edit: As of 1st Oct. 2012, physical copies of the album are no longer available. Digital downloads, of course, remain online.


Album Release

Our first album is now released! The best way (for us, and probably you!) to get it is from Bandcamp. You can also listen to the tracks there for free.

Otherwise, it will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and so on within a week or two (depending on each provider). Physical copies are also available directly from myself.

A big thanks to the musicians who played on the album – Orestis Tsinalis, Kevin Glasgow and Joe Thomas, and thanks to John Martin at Resident Studios for the recording and mixing. I hope that you’ll enjoy the end result!


Current Status

Currently working on getting a CD of new compositions polished up in a hybrid audio recording / MIDI format. Should be done within a couple of weeks, so will get some up on the website before then.

Yay, Internet

Thanks to abstractly patented new web two-point-oh technology, we now exist simultaneously in several places on the internet. Twitter and Facebook pages are up below (we have a MySpace, but does anybody still use that?). Feel free to follow or join us, which I guess is the easiest way to keep up with our gigs!